What We Do

Besides serving versatile snacks, Ceci’s Popcorn also provides catering for weddings and parties, fundraising opportunities, and gifts for all occasions.

Cecilia’s Story

Cecilia Carmichael was a sweet lady who taught us the value of taking pride in our work and enjoying the people around us. She was an old-fashioned, hard-working gal who loved people, parties and popcorn.

Miss Carmichael grew up during the early years of entertainment. She got to see George Burns and Gracie Allen make their first tour of the Orpheum Theatre circuit. She stood in line for every premier she could make it to, and even memorized the words to every song in Jazz Singer within a week of its theatrical release.

Cecilia regaled us with stories of old Hollywood as her days as a hat check girl at the Brown Derby. Cecilia was a notorious name-dropper, and we loved it. It was because of Cecilia that we find solace in movies and fell in love with popcorn.

Ceci’s Popcorn was created to see the values of love and hard work pass on to the next generation.

Our Company

Ceci’s story embodies what we want to be as a company; hard-working people that love to relax with a bowl of popcorn and each other.

We focus on carefully crafted flavors. We fill every bag with love, for maximum enjoyment, and look forward to every kernel bringing joy to our customers. The Ceci’s Team looks for ways to positively impact our community.

Simply put… we are passionate about what we do!